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In my life I have been part of many different family combinations. 

My roles have variously been daughter, granddaughter, step-daughter, daughter-in-law, wife, mother, step-mother, grandmother and mother-in-law. 

I have lived in both Australia and England and travelled extensively throughout the world from the time I was a child.

Like all of us, I have met I suppose hundreds, maybe thousands of people in my life, yet no two people have been exactly alike. 

Everyone has their different foibles, their strengths and their insecurities. 

That’s part of being human. 

However what I do find to be the truth is put beautifully in a few lines Napoleon Hill wrote in his book “Think and Grow Rich”. 

Hill had an over twenty year business relationship with two of the most successful people the 20th century produced - Henry Ford and Thomas Edison. 

In that book he wrote:

I had the happy privilege of analysing both Mr Edison and Mr Ford, year by year, over a long period and the opportunity to study them at close range.  I therefore speak from actual knowledge when I say that I found no quality save persistence in either of them that even remotely suggested the major source of their stupendous achievements.

These men were no different to you or me. 

They weren’t born with “special powers” or super human intelligence. 

They certainly weren’t born wealthy. 

Yet, they achieved a success most of us can only imagine. 


Either consciously or unconsciously, they understood and applied the laws of success that govern this universe.

I first began formally studying this material five years ago and have studied every day since.  In 2019 I travelled to Canada to spend six days with Bob Proctor, best selling author and star of “The Secret”, a man who himself has studied and lived this material for sixty years. 

I have spent the past two years studying with Mary Morrissey who in turn has studied, taught and lived this material for over fifty years.

Most importantly though I have lived this material myself.

In 2020 I established Grandma’s House Online where I read stories to and generally entertain children from the age of three upwards. 

I’ve been featured in newspaper and magazine articles from Australia to the UK and been interviewed on television in the US. 

Children have watched my videos from just about every corner of the globe. 

I am not a professional performer, I have no contacts in the entertainment industry and yet I have been able to achieve this success. 


By consciously understanding and applying the laws of success that govern this universe.

Now it’s your turn.

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