Life Mastery

6 Month Programme

Who is this for

Building upon the insights you have gained from the DreamBuilder programme, Life Mastery leads you further along the path to self transformation and therefore self determination. 

This programme is for anyone who wakes up each day feeling unfulfilled or unmotivated. 

The Life Mastery Programme will help you discover your true purpose in life and the path to get there.

Over time you will wake up with a growing sense of fulfillment and a new fire for living a life you truly love living. 

You will live with greater confidence, because you will have an understanding of the cause of your results and have the tools to practice and grow in, in order to achieve the results that you love.

How you will gain from this programme

  • You will find yourself able to shift and re-programme old negative patterns and create new patterns of thinking and being which will improve your positive self image and your results. Within a very short period of time we will shift what has caused you to stay where you currently are, and you will truly begin to see clearly.
  • You will gain awareness as to how results are created and I’ll give you tools that you can apply that are simple, yet highly effective for the transformation you want in your life so that you can actually achieve your goals and live your dreams.

How you can put this is into practice

To achieve this, we will be working together for 6 months, focusing each month on a specific domain of Life. 

The 6 main domains we will focus on for a full month each are; Intention, Health, Abundance, Manifestation, Love, and  Transformation.

You will enjoy a teaching/laser coaching call (over the phone) once a week with me and a small group of like-minded students.

During this call you will get your most important questions answered with “one-on-one” Q&A and laser coaching.

And then you will begin to practice what you have learned each week in the laboratory of your own life, using a much higher level of awareness  and understanding.

I will be guiding you through all of your programme materials step-by-step, which include; a complete manual and workbook, transformational CDs, and fresh weekly guided meditations.

Using these support tools, our weekly coaching and your new road map, you will think differently, act in a new way and begin to attract the resources, connections, and ideal circumstances to help you accomplish your dreams.

Included in the Life Mastery Programme

Working With The Law

There’s a power within you, and within all of us, that’s far greater than any circumstance, situation or condition you will ever find yourself in. Are you willing to unleash it?  

Mary Morrissey

You’ve heard of the Law of Attraction. 

You may have even tried applying it to attract the abundance, relationship, business or career opportunity you desire into your life - only to feel disappointed that what you wanted didn’t manifest into your reality.

You may have thought that the Law of Attraction doesn’t work, or that you did something wrong.

That isn’t the case at all.

Due to the way the media portrays the Law of Attraction, most people’s understanding of it is actually incomplete.

As a result, most people are only able to access the tiniest tip of the iceberg when it comes to utilizing this powerful, universal law’s immense potential.

The second reason most people are unable to see results from the Law of Attraction is because... The Law of Attraction is just one of ELEVEN universal laws that govern the creation of all results in the Universe.

Most people don’t have a complete understanding of the inner workings of the Law of Attraction and the other 10 universal laws, so therefore many tend to experience a lot of unnecessary stress, struggle and scarcity in life.

You see, attracting the right opportunities that will help you transform your dreams into reality, is a Law.

Having the clarity and confidence to make purposeful, powerful decisions that will move you forward in life, without being hindered, is a Law.

Replacing fear, stress and worry with peace of mind, is a Law.

Living in a state of abundance, happiness, joy and fulfillment, is a Law.

Once you come to know how the 11 universal laws work, and how to work with them, this knowing will shift you into a higher frequency of thought.

You’ll then be astonished by how quickly and easily you’re able to create extraordinary results in the areas of health, relationships, vocation and time and money freedom.

This 12 week programme, which is included in the Life Mastery Programme covers:

  • The Law of Thinking
  • The Law of Supply
  • The Law of Attraction
  • The Law of Receiving
  • The Law of Increase
  • The Law of Compensation
  • The Law of Non-Resistance
  • The Law of Forgiveness
  • The Law of Sacrifice
  • The Law of Obedience
  • The Law of Success

What Will Working With The Law Do For Me?

During this powerful, step-by-step programme, you will:

  • Develop and expand your understanding of who you truly are, beyond your physical body. You are far more powerful than you know yourself to be!
  • Uncover what your limiting beliefs are in the areas of health, money, relationships and vocational success, and how they may have been holding you back from the success you desire up until now.
  • Receive access to powerful tools that will help you repattern your belief system, so that you begin to feel in control of your results, rather than your results controlling you. The more you practice applying these tools, the more life starts to feel easier and more in flow.
  • Discover the proven prosperity principles that many of history’s wealthiest and most successful people credit as the secrets to their phenomenal success.

Benjamin Franklin once said,

If you empty your purse into your head, no one can take it from you. An investment in knowledge always pays the highest return.

Make the decision to invest in yourself by means of investing in the Life Mastery programme and you’ll look back on that decision as a threshold moment.

Once you apply the proven principles of the programme to your life, you’ll soon need a telescope to look back at where you used to be! 

The results you’ll see in your FINANCES, RELATIONSHIPS, CAREER, CONFIDENCE AND ALL OTHER AREAS OF YOUR LIFE will shift exponentially once you develop this new level of awareness, and you will truly amaze yourself with what is possible.

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Also Included in the Life Mastery Programme

Into Your Genius - Unlocking The Six Powers Of The Mind

Every human being is born with 6 invisible superpowers that are far more powerful than most people could ever imagine.

97% of us use these six superpowers unconsciously, often causing us to experience a lot of unnecessary scarcity, lack and struggle in our lives.

At the very best, we’re only able to create spotty success.

If you are unconsciously using the six superpowers you were born with, you’ll find that:

  • You keep repeating the same patterns over and over again. You always seem to spend more money than you earn, keep having the same kinds of relationships, or keep engaging in constant self-criticism. As much as you want to, you just can’t seem to break out of these disempowering patterns.
  • You procrastinate on doing things that are important to you. You dream of transforming your health, taking that trip or starting that new business venture, but you keep telling yourself, “I’ll take action on that tomorrow, or next week.” Then weeks, months and even years go by and you’re still in the same spot.
  • You have difficulty making decisions. You don’t always trust your gut instinct. You suffer from “analysis paralysis” when attempting to make a decision. Or you continually second guess the decisions you do make. As a result, golden opportunities to welcome more love, abundance and fulfillment into your life keep passing you by.

Results like these occur when we are unconsciously using the six invisible superpowers we were born with. Frankly, this is how most of us live our lives.

This is inherently neither good nor bad.

The question is, are the results you’ve created in your life, ones that you are in love with?

There are a select few human beings who are able to generate extraordinary confidence, health, abundant wealth, fulfilling relationships and more in their lives... even in the face of scarcity, lack and unfavourable circumstances.

While others struggle, they THRIVE.

Their secret?

They’ve learned how to fully harness the full power of the six invisible superpowers, which are actually six mental faculties that we are all born with:

  • Imagination
  • Intuition
  • Will
  • Memory
  • Reason
  • Perception

Once you understand how to fully harness these mental faculties, you’ll have the power to bring what you desire into existence regardless of what is going on around you - and without all of the hard work and struggle that most others experience.

Into Your Genius is a programme where you’ll receive advanced training on how to fully harness these superpowers, or mental faculties.

Once you discover how to tap into and direct them as you were meant to, life begins to take on a whole new dimension!

What Exactly Will “Into Your Genius” Do For Me?

As a result of applying the principles of this proven, powerful programme directly to your life, you’ll find:

  • Stress, fear, doubt and worry rarely exist for you anymore - Things seem to just magically work out for you, and “perfect timing” and “good luck” always seem to be on your side.
  • You’re able to intuitively evaluate the people and opportunities you encounter with speed and accuracy - You easily move away from those that don’t serve your highest good, and toward those that elevate your heart, mind and spirit.
  • You feel much more self-confident and comfortable in your own skin - You have the confidence to go where you want to go and do what you want to do. You also speak up for yourself and share yourself freely, and you’re open to others being their true, authentic selves with you.
  • Your conversations and relationships become deeper, richer and more fulfilling - You magnetically attract heart-centered, success-minded people into your life. You connect with others more quickly and easily, and the relationships you already have grow deeper.
  • Procrastination becomes a thing of the past - You’re able to accomplish more in less time and with greater ease, and you experience greater career success, time and money freedom, fulfillment and FUN!

Here’s What You’ll Experience Inside of this Proven, Powerful  Programme:

“Into Your Genius” contains audio lessons and downloadable guidebooks that have already impacted the lives of thousands of people from all walks of life, and of all ages, all around the world.

LESSON #1:  Imagination

Most people understand that their imagination exists, but they remain completely unaware of how to use its power to transform their life. In lesson one, you’ll discover how to harness the power of your imagination in ways that will advance you toward your goals, dreams and desires with lightning speed.

LESSON #2:  Intuition

Your intuition speaks to you at a spiritual level. It’s strongly connected to the realm of infinite consciousness, intelligence and awareness.

When we are disconnected from our intuition we feel “rudderless” in life.

However when you learn how to properly connect to your internal guidance system, as you’ll learn how to do in this programme, you will begin feeling more guided, purposeful and confident about what direction to move in next in any area of your life.

LESSON #3:  Will

Will is completely different than willpower. 

Willpower is inconsistent and forceful, while your will is used calmly and confidently.

Your will is your ability to stay focused on what you would love, instead of allowing your thoughts to be pulled toward what you don’t want.

Maintaining this connection to what it is that you desire, no matter what is going on around you, is the secret to masterful manifestation!“

LESSON #4:  Memory

Most people think of memory in terms of recall.

Would it surprise you to know that your memory actually works forwards and backwards?

Most human beings are never trained in how applying their forward memory can help support them in transforming their dreams into reality.

Inside “Into Your Genius”, you will discover how to use your memory to “future pace” the results you want, so that you can then step into the life you dream of with unprecedented ease and speed.

LESSON  #5:  Reason

There are two types of reason - ordinary reason, which is what most of us have been trained in, and extraordinary reason, which is what all highly successful people operate from.  

Inside “Into Your Genius”, you’ll learn how to apply extraordinary reason to build a life that’s based on the statement, “You become what you think about.”

You’ll also learn how working smarter (and not harder) is the secret to accomplishing more in less time, and with fewer resources!

LESSON #6:  Perception

Whether you realize it or not, you are actively using your faculty of perception in every moment of every day.

Most people perceive without awareness, and therefore experience life as a series of uphill battles.

By shifting your perception, you will unlock the power within you to turn even the most overwhelming challenges into insignificant road bumps on the path toward living a life you love.

Prepare to Step Into a Completely Different World, Where Your Thoughts and Dreams Become Your Reality.

By properly tuning your awareness to the six extraordinary superpowers that you were born with - your Imagination, Intuition, Will, Memory, Reason and Perception - you will   connect to a deeper, more powerful part of yourself that you have likely sensed was there, but have never been able to fully embody and express.

Your confidence, health, relationships, career and all other aspects of your life will begin transforming at an astonishing rate as a result.

By the end of this powerful programme, not only will you come to understand that you already possess everything you need to create your dream life... you will be well on your way to making it happen.

And also included in the Life Mastery Programme

Standing Firm When Your World Is Shaking


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