Standing Firm

Turn a dramatic “Dark Night” experience into a new beginning


Navigating through those times when it may feel like the light is not shining on us, a time that is sometimes referred to the “The Dark Night”?  

Discover that the Dark Night will birth the next larger vision of you during this powerful 4-week programme.

Week One - The Dark Night - In the first week, you will learn to use your Dark Night of the Soul as a forward-momentum builder. You will look at all the ups and downs and find a way to relate to it that is empowering to you.

Week Two - The Hero’s Journey - In this week, you will learn the three major phases of the hero’s journey. You will discover the opportunity you have, is to take another look at one of your dark nights and ask if there are gifts that are yet to be received from the dark night.

Week Three - Harvesting The Good - This week you will let go of your ego attitude and choose an empowering perspective about the dark time. You will learn to neutralize the emotional charge of your dark night by discovering the gifts you can gain from it.

Week Four - An Opportunity for a New Beginning - In the final week, you will learn to turn your Dark Night experience into a new beginning.

You will learn to use this experience to recognize when life is signalling you to get back on course.

During this week you also create a support structure for the changes you would love to implement in your life. 

You will learn to connect with your inner sanctuary where you are protected from the element of circumstance and discover the true meaning of your Dark Night experience and use it to grow into a higher version of yourself.

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